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The John Hollins Jewellery Shop how originally looked in 1804

John Hollins Ltd was established in 1804, the building being a converted farmhouse. The company remained in the Hollins family until 1953 when it was taken over by Charles Young.

Charles Young had started his career with john Hollins at the age of 14 and progressed to manager before buying the company.

In 1962, Charles Young sold the company to the present owner, John Griffiths. The John Hollins Jewellery Shop as it used to look

The shop has not seen many changes to its appearance over the years. Infact it remained unchanged until just before World War I.

The first picture shows the shop as it was at the end of the 19th Century.

Shortly after the photo above was taken, the shopfront was redesigned by Parnells of Bristol. This is shown in the 2nd pitcure.

The shopfront is now listed by English Heritage and has remained largely unchanged since its redesign. This can be seen by this photo of the shop taken in June 2007.

 The John Hollins Jewellery Shop as it looks today


Our People

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and providing superb product knowledge to our customers. 


John Griffiths FGA - Director 

I'm very pleased to say we celebrated John's 50 years trading with John Hollins company in 2012.

John brought the company in 1962 and has been running it ever since. John is a Fellow of the Gemology Association (FGA) and has a vast knowledge of the jewellery trade.

He started in the jewellery trade at the age of 16 before coming to John Hollins under the guidance of his father who owned and ran his family business.


Elaine de Akinbothun

Elaine has been with us since leaving school in 1975.

Through the years working with highly trained and qualified crafts men and women she has gained knowledge and experience in all areas of the jewellery trade.


Lynne Willetts

Lynne joined John Hollins in 1994. Lynne has a background in retail and customer service.

She has a vast amount of knowledge acquired during her years with the company and is a highly valued member of the team.


Barbara Moores

Barbara's joined us in June 2015.  She also comes with over 30 years experience in the financal background.


Steve Black - Jobbing Jeweller

Steve Black our on-site jewellery repairer, who has over 15 years experience

Steve is another long serving member of staff having been with the company since 1992. He is based upstairs in our jewellery workshop.

He can carry out most repairs to jewellery and carries out the

sizing of rings that either come in for sizing or for rings that

are sold within the shop.


Our Services


On-site Jewellery Workshop

John Hollins has an on-site jewellery workshop. We specialise in ring sizing and repairs to all types of jewellery.

Our repairer has been with us has a vast experience.

The majority of the rings that we sell can be sized on the premises within a few days. The same applies with any bracelets that need shortening.

We feel that this service gives us a large advantage when rings are needed in a rush as is often the case.

Watch and Clock Repair Service
We offer a complete watch repair service

Minor jobs such as new buttons and watch glasses can also be carried out. Watch bracelets can be shortened on the premises.

We can carry out repairs to the majority of clocks. With more and more battery operated clocks entering the market place now, we have less call for this service, but the majority of 8 day wind up clocks can be serviced.

Jewellery Cleaning Service
We offer a free jewellery cleaning service. Jewellery can be left with us for half an hour and we will clean it using our ultrasonic jewellery cleaner.

We can also polish your jewellery in our workshop. We will quote for each individual job for this service.

John Hollins Fine Jewellery
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We accept all major credit / debit cards

We accept all major credit / debit cards

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