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Mens & Womens Bracelets - Gold Bracelets

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Mens & Womens Gold Bracelets

In this section you will find a wide range of silver, gold and white gold bracelets. Our 9ct gold bracelets are very popular ladies bracelets, we also stock many mens bracelets in-store. We have also many handmade 9ct gold bracelets available for both men and women both online and in-store.

9ct Gold Bracelets

We stock a fantastic range of both mens bracelets and ladies bracelets in 9ct gold. 9ct gold bracelets are very hardwearing and this means that our gold bracelets are ideal for everyday wear. We have a lot of stunning and intricate designs in our range of gold bracelets; this is because a lot of our gold bracelets are handmade.

9ct Ladies Bracelets

A lot of our ladies gold bracelets are handmade. The points below illustrate why our handmade gold bracelets are the ideal choice for the modern lady.

Our 9ct handmade gold bracelets are of the highest quality. They are handcrafted to our designs in the United Kingdom. Because they are handmade, a large variety of designs can be made to any specification.

Within each individual pattern design, sets of jewellery can be made up. All of our handmade gold bracelets can be accompanied by a matching handmade necklace or pendant and most of the designs are also available with matching 9ct gold drop earrings.

Advantages of Handmade Gold Bracelets

Because these gold bracelets are hand made in low volume, the chances of anybody else having a bracelet like yours will be low. These wonderful gold bracelets are a very exclusive line.

Another advantage of these gold bracelets being handmade is that the quality is very much assured. Faults naturally occur in gold when it is drawn into the wire used for bracelet manufacture. When gold bracelets and necklaces are made by machine these faults are not picked up. In handmade manufacture, these faults are easily found and the faulty gold can be removed to leave a handmade piece of jewellery of the highest quality.

Our handmade gold bracelets are available as gold bracelets, white gold bracelets and two colour gold bracelets.

9ct Gold Bangles

We stock a fantastic range of quality gold bangles such as fine quality 9ct gold solid bangles. All of our gold bangles have secure fastenings, with sturdy hinges. The majority of our 9ct gold bangles also have some form of safety chain or clip to insure that they are secure on your wrist.

9ct White Gold Bracelets

9ct white gold bracelets have become very popular over the last few years because of their wonderful clean look and bright, attractive finish. Our 9ct White gold bracelets are nearly all handmade white gold bracelets which means that the quality of our white gold bracelets is really superb. They are handcrafted in the UK from solid English gold by highly skilled craftsmen.

9ct Two Colour Gold Bracelets

A particularly popular addition to our range of gold bracelets has been our 9ct two colour gold bracelets. These are made using 9ct yellow and white gold on alternate links that creates a really attractive effect. The mellow colour of the yellow gold contrasts superbly with the bright white of the white gold.

On some of the designs, the white and yellow gold almost merges together to create a really soft look. On other designs of our white and yellow gold bracelets, the white gold really stands out.

Silver Bracelets

Selection of siver bracelets to suit all occasions

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We accept all major credit / debit cards

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