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Gold & Silver Necklaces

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Gold Necklaces & Silver Necklaces

This section contains a superb selection of both gold necklaces and silver necklaces. Many of our necklaces are suitable for pendants to be hung on. These include fine curb necklaces for use on very dainty gemstone pendants.


For slightly heavier pendants, such as crosses and lockets, we recommend the 9ct Round Belcher Necklaces. Due to roundness of their link pattern, they are ideal for pendants as the pendants move freely on the chain and do not snag on the necklace, as can sometimes happen with slightly heavier 9ct gold curb necklaces. All of our necklaces suitable for pendants come in a variety of lengths including:

  • 16" 9ct gold necklaces
  • 18" 9ct gold necklaces
  • 20" 9ct gold necklaces
  • 22" 9ct gold necklaces
  • 24" 9ct gold necklaces

We also offer a similar range of 9ct white gold necklaces and for finer diamond jewellery we offer 18ct yellow gold necklaces and 18ct white gold necklaces.

The Right Necklace & Pendant Pair

If you choose a chain to go with a pendant that we think is not suitable with then we will ring you and advise you to ensure that you get the right necklace for the right pendant.

Gold Necklaces

At John Hollins Fine Jewellery we have a large range of gold necklaces in the form of fine chain necklaces and 9ct gold handmade necklaces. Many of our gold necklaces are available in the form of both yellow gold necklaces and white gold necklaces.

Fine Chain Necklaces

We have many fine chain necklaces available in 9ct gold such as the following:

  • Belcher necklaces
  • Standard fine chain necklaces
  • Fine curb chain necklaces

Many of the chain gold necklaces are suitable for use with a pendant.

Handmade Necklaces

John Hollins Fine Jewellery stocks an exclusive range of 9ct gold handmade necklaces. These are available in all lengths including:

  • 9ct gold sixteen inch necklaces
  • 9ct gold eighteen inch necklaces
  • 9ct gold twenty inch necklaces and longer if required

Our 9ct gold handmade necklaces are all made by hand in England by highly skilled craftsmen using traditional methods of manufacture and English gold.

Because the necklaces are handmade, it is guaranteed that the quality of the gold used in the necklace remains the same throughout its length. As the craftsman works closely with the gold from start to finish, any faults in the gold are immediately picked up and removed. This is something that is not possible with machine made jewellery.

Handmade Jewellery

Another benefit of the chains being handmade is that a wide variety of interesting link patterns can be obtained. The necklaces can be made in any length and matching suites can be made up so that the wearer can have a matching necklace, bracelet, earrings and pendant.

Matching bracelets can be viewed in the bracelets category under "9ct Handmade Bracelets". We are constantly adding new, fresh lines to our handmade jewellery collection to ensure that we satisfy our customers needs in terms of design.

Sterling Silver Necklaces

We have a wide range of silver necklaces in our store and a growing selection on our online shop. The pure white shine of a silver necklace is flattering for any complexion. Both stylish and casual, silver necklaces are ideal for all occasions.

Given proper care, your silver necklace can be kept as elegant and precious as the day you receive it for many years to come.

Gold Chains

We have a selection of new,some antique and second hand 9ct and 18ct Gold Chains together with machine and handmade chains. 

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Gold & Silver Necklaces

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Silver Bead 18

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