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Swiss Army Watches

Since the Swiss Army first made their famous Swiss Army Knives more than a century ago, they have gained a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed quality, design and precision. It's no wonder then that this heritage should be put to good use by Victorinox in crafting Swiss Army Watches. As the only watches authorised to carry the name 'Swiss Army' by the Swiss government, these watches are truly worthy of upholding their legacy.

With such a reputation and a huge selection of luxury watches to choose from, it could be difficult to decide which Swiss Army watch is best for you. This article will define each of the collections available from Victorinox and explain their differences, helping you make a more informed decision when buying.

Victorinox Watches

The range of Victorinox watches available at the time of writing this article are separated into 3 main categories, as follows:

  • Active Collection
  • Classic Collection
  • Professional Collection

Each of these collected works is specifically designed to target a particular audience and lifestyle, which should initially help you along your way on making a decision about which Victorinox watch to buy.

Active Collection

As suggested by the name, the Active collection is fashioned for action. This Victorinox watch is rugged and hardworking whilst sticking to its roots of precision and exuding the distinctive style that is a constant across the Swiss Army watch range. If you want a quality watch which you can wear every day, capable of enduring whatever you throw at it, the Active collection is for you.

The Active collection of Victorinox watches includes the following ranges:

  • Base Camp
  • ST Collection
  • Night Vision
  • Convoy Chrono

Each of the ranges in the Active collection has distinctive features which separate them from each other. Should you be looking for a particular function for your watch then the Active collection is likely to have it!

Base Camp watches feature technical styling and enhanced legibility, with a double locking safety clasp these watches are designed for endurance and functionality. The ST collection feature a rotating compass rose, indicating North, East, South and West along with intermediate points in 15 degree increments, this is ideal for any avid hiker.

Night Vision Victorinox watches have low-consumption LED light modules for dial illumination, signal and strobe functions, if you are likely to be wearing your watch in any dark condition ranging from going out on a night to spelunking this watch will come in very handy. The Convoy Chrono watches feature a Tachymeter scale and a chronograph for 30-min, 60sec and 1/10th sec for those with a need for more information than the average watch.

Each of these watches is of the same high build quality expected from Victorinox, whilst being capable of enduring every day usage.

Classic Collection

The Classic collection can only be described as sport luxury. With sharp, clean features and a stylish look these Victorinox watches are true sporty classics. With a selection of leather strapped watches and stainless steel bracelet watches available, there will be a Victorinox watch in the Classic collection to suit everyone.

The Classic collection of Victorinox watches includes the following ranges:

  • Summit XLT
  • Infantry
  • Maverick II
  • Alliance
  • Officers 1884
  • Ambassador
  • SSC Mechanical
  • SSC Automatic Chrono
  • Ladies Vivante Watches
  • Gents Chrono Classic Watches

The differences between ranges in the Classic collection are mostly cosmetic, with some additional features on particular models such as an alarm.

Some ranges such as the Summit XLT feature luminous hands and hour markers, rotating bezels and triple locking safety clasp. Different faces are also available; the Infantry gents watch has a hardened mineral crystal face, making it more resilient to damage, and a sapphire crystal face has been applied to several ranges such as the Chrono Classic.

Of particular note is the 2nd time zone present on the Infantry range, and the alarm function present on the Maverick II's. Towards the more expensive end of the range are the SSC Automatic Chrono watches, which utilise 'Mechanical Self Winding' movement. Self winding - or automatic - watches do not require manual winding as this is achieved through harnessing the kinetic energy of the wearer's arm movements.

With their traditional yet innovative design features and distinctive dial design, each of these Victorinox watches are really meant for modern men with impeccable taste and a need for superior quality.

Professional Collection

The Professional collection is geared towards the more high-tech individual featuring many watches with mechanical self-winding and see-through backs. Several of the Professional Victorinox watches also sport a one or more chronographs.

The Professional collection of Victorinox watches includes the following ranges:

  • Divemaster 500
  • Airboss
  • Seaplane
  • ChronoPro
  • Airboss

The Divemaster 500 watches are pure Divers watches; water resistant to 500m. The Airboss watches are designed for the aviation-minded and will appeal to that audience the most.

Final Thoughts

The watches available in these collections are all built to the high quality expected from Victorinox and so the choice ultimately is down to you - the customer. The features and functionality offered from each range will however make your decision that little bit easier.

Victorinox Watches From John Hollins

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